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Early Steps with Jesus is a flexible course for leaders working with children aged 0-4 in church.

  • Discover the spiritual potential of children
  • Be inspired by stories of children connecting with the Holy Spirit
  • Develop your practical skills in ministering to children
  • Develop the spiritual potential of your children
  • Suitable for individual or group training


UK residence Only

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Children's Ministry Sticker Set:.

These stickers will delight children and reinforce key times of ministry. They also aid communication between parents and children's ministries, as parents ask: "What did you get the sticker for?" Sticker size 40mm. Quantity 75 (to be confirmed).

5 designs: I was prayed for today. God used me today. Something special happened today. I brought my Bible with me. I want to follow Jesus. For more information click HERE


Find the Truth and Lock it in your Heart

Find the Truth and Lock it in Your Heart tells the story of one Jew’s
search for truth – and how this truth changed one man’s life and
the lives of those around him. This book tells the story of Olly's father: Ralph Goldenberg. Born the grandson of the Chief Rabbi of Sudan and raised as an Orthodox Jew, he came to know Jesus as his Messiah in 1980. 

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As seen on our new Series ' At Home with God'

3G The Art of Living beyond your life

What core values shape your existence? How do you seal these into the soul of succeeding generations, literally extending your life beyond physical death? “3G” is a personal yet authoritative guide to leaving such a legacy. The author draws on four decades of working with young people and families, leadership teams and business, to give you the keys to: *Not just fix problems but affix values *Recognize and take advantage of “teachable moments” *Understand why Einstein said: “if you want your children to be really smart, tell them stories!” Whether married or single; in charge of hundreds, or only one person looks to you for influence, start reading and let your 3G journey begin now!