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Jesus, Your Baby and You (CD)

Jesus, Your Baby and You (CD)

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Resting in God's presence during your pregnancy. 

This is the perfect compilation of music to enjoy during pregnancy and early parenthood, featuring anointed artists from around the world.


The worship music on this CD will help to relax and draw you into God's presence.


Including the following tracks: 

 1. Safe to Bloom - Stephanie Mckenna

 2. A mothers prayer - Keith and Kristyn Getty

 3. Trusting - David Hadden

 4. Prophet to the nations - Dwight Huthwaite

 5. Be ( still and know that I am God) - The Rivers Voice

 6. Heaven waits - Julian and Melissa Wiggins

 7. Child of God - Vineyard UK

 8. Wonderfully made (Psalm 139) - Seeds Family Worship

 9. My prayer - Alberto & Kimberly Reviera

10. Inside of you - Alberto & Kimberley Reviera

11. Psalm 139 - Precious Red

12. Secret place - Julian and Melissa Wiggins

13. Thank you for seeing me - Laura Reinhart

14. Wonderfully made - Sarah Hart

15. Trust in God - Nakitta Fox

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