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The Spy Kit - A children's guide to prayer

The Spy Kit (Digital Download)


The Spy Kit - A children's guide to prayer

Digital Download

The kit that has helped thousands of children to grow in prayer.

Back in the middle of the last century a group of highly-trained secret agents met in the basement of an old warehouse to train the next generation of spies. The meeting was recorded. Unfortunately the recording was lost and for years it lay dormant until, just recently, it was discovered in an old cardboard box together with a rotten cabbage and an old teddy bear. You now hold it in your possession (that's the recording from the meeting, not the rotten cabbage or the teddy bear). 


This kit includes audio files and a pdf booklet. 

The Spy Track - This holds information from top agents on the field. Learn about prayer with Olly & his friends, pray along with the track and enjoy 3 bonus songs. 

The Spy Guide - Your very own written resource with spy puzzles and space for you to make your own notes.

  • Contents

    All contents will be delivered digitally in a zip file. Items are not to be shared, copied or resold. 

    Spy track audio files (mp3 format):

    1. Spy track: Learn about prayer
    2. Spy track: Pray along
    3. Song: Oh people of God
    4. Song: Lord I am sorry
    5. Song: Stop - take time to pray

    Spy guide pdf booklet:

    46 pages of puzzles, information and space to keep a record of prayer items to see when God answers. 

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