God's Generals for Kids set

God's Generals for Kids set


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The God's Generals for kids series tells the story of men and women who lived for God. Including the highs and the low points of their lives, this series has been written for children aged 8-14.


Buy all 12 of the God's Generals for kids series.


Alternatively buy a gift subscription and one book will be sent each month. Buy gift subscription from here.



Special gift subscription (only available for UK delivery): Purchase this for your child or grandchild and we will send them one book a month direct to their house for a whole year. Complete the order with the address where you want the first book to be sent to and add to the text field the name and address for books 2-12 to be sent to (if different from the delivery address for the first book).


Readers reviews

“We love this entire series! Haven’t finished them all yet but I have no doubt we will enjoy every single one!”​  Stephanie Grooms, Amazon reviewer.


“I love God's Generals and was so excited to see a kids' version. My boys, 13 and 11, were just as excited as I was to read it each day. "I believe in miracles, because I believe in God." My children were reminded how big our God is!”​  Dave, Amazon reviewer


“My daughter loves this series. We have purchased book 1-4. She read book 2 in one night. Easy to read. Great for kids to learn about the Generals of our faith!”​ MT57, Amazon reviewer.


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