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Early Steps with Jesus Course (DVD+Workbook)

Early Steps with Jesus Course (DVD+Workbook)

£35.00 Regular Price
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Early Steps with Jesus is a flexible course for leaders working with children aged 0-4 in church.

  • Discover the spiritual potential of children
  • Be inspired by stories of children connecting with the Holy Spirit
  • Develop your practical skills in ministering to children
  • Develop the spiritual potential of your children
  • Suitable for individual or group training



Session 1 – Babies in the Bible

Session 2 – Creating a Safe Environment

Session 3 – The Call on Babies

Session 4 – Discipline

Session 5 – Ministering to Under-5s

Session 6 – Child Development and Child Protection


Each session is made up of three parts:

1. Teaching sessions – 30 minutes of teaching from the DVD with accompanying workbook. An online version of the sessions will also be made available to you when you purchase the course. 

2. Points to Ponder ­– Discussion questions designed to help you reflect on the teaching and how it applies in your setting.

3. Practical – Suggestions in the workbook after each session for you to try some of the principles in your church crèche.


Our children can do all things through Christ who strengthens them. Let’s dream big for this generation as we lay a foundation in their young lives and introduce them to Jesus.


Pack contents:
1x DVD with teaching sessions.
1x workbook, including space for notes, points to ponder and practical exercises.


We recommend one workbook for each person. 5 workbooks are avialable for £5.


For free resources accompanying the course, please click here.

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