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The family Bible

As a ministry we aim to resource the church with products that will strengthen faith and change lives. We often shout about the things we make, but we know there are loads of other great products out there.

Here's a great resource to help families engage with the Bible and each other.

What is it? A Bible with a difference

Who is it for? Families

Who is it by? God, but this version has been compiled by the Bible Society & Youth for Christ.

What's in it? A good news Bible, laid out with loads of different activities, space for notes and tips on how to engage with what God actually says in the Bible.

Why we like it at Children Can? We love the unique layout and that fact that it works for a huge range of ages within a family. It feels like it’s made to sit around as a family and talk together just by the way that it’s laid out. I have always loved the idea of the big family Bible that the family gathers round and this version of the Bible is made for exactly that.

There are so many layers to peel back in a Bible, and this version helps you to do that together as a family. We love it.

How much is it? £34.99 each book

Where can I get it from? and other retail outlets.


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