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My First Hands on Bible

As a ministry we aim to resource the church with products that will strengthen faith and change lives. We often shout about the things we make, but we know there are loads of other great products out there.

Here's a great Bible for pre-schoolers that we love and enjoy.

What is it? Excerpts from the Bible

Who is it for? Pre-schoolers

Who is it by? God, but this version Tyndale House Publishers

What's in it? Stories from the New Living Translation of the Bible and activity ideas.

Why we like it at Children Can?

So there are loads of Bible story books for pre-schoolers, but this one is not a retelling of stories, it is the actual text of the Bible. You may wonder how that would engage such young children, but all the way through the stories there are actions linked to the text, like ‘march around the room like a soldier.’

A great way for children to experience the pure word of the Bible in a digestible format. That’s why this is our favourite Bible for pre-schoolers.

How much is it? £13.99 each book

Where can I get it from? Available at all the usual Christian retail outlets.


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