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Imagine life if we could only mix with 6 friends.

The rule of 6

Imagine life if we could only mix with 6 friends.

Here in the UK, this doesn’t require much imagination with current Coronavirus restrictions, but it certainly gets you thinking. How intentional would you be about those 6 friendships? What would be your mix of non-Christian to Christian friends?

Imagine telling the children of your church to pair up with two other children in the church, meeting and praying together. Each child could then reach out to three of their friends to share the gospel.

Imagine the impact we could have in the schools at this time.

When we lived in London we led a children’s ministry that had an extensive schools ministry. With over 200 full time evangelists that we had trained up and sent out into different schools across the city. It was amazing to see the fruit: These evangelists were bold to preach the Gospel and saw many children turn to Christ, yet not once were they uninvited from the school.

Imagine that!

At the moment it is challenging for us to be able to enter schools and share the Gospel. You may think such a ministry seems like a pipe dream in the current climate. Yet this schools programme would have been totally unaffected by the current changes.

Why? Because of the 200 full time evangelists who we sent out, not one of them was over the age of 15. These were the children and young people in the ministry who we equipped to reach out to their friends in school.

As they were children, they could not be stopped. One child was told they could no longer meet with their group inside during break time. The girl came to me upset, ‘What can we do?’ I asked here where the teachers expected her to be, she replied they had to be in the playground. ‘Well why don’t you carry on meeting in the playground.’ She did and her group immediately doubled in size as other children came to join in.

One girl stood up in front of her school to take an assembly. She shared how God had spoken to her while she was praying about a certain person and she had gone on to meet with that person and share something about Jesus with them. The whole school listened in as she shared her experience with God and his love for all people.

Much of the theme of my book, the Josiah generation, is seeing this generation take their place in the kingdom and there is no better time than now for them to take their place. It is time to send out the evangelists, inspire our children, equip the young saints and release the radicals to share the good news of Jesus.

If we focus on maintaining our church members we will be missing out on what God has for us in this season. Instead of maintenance mode we should aim for commissioning mode. Many children feel like they should not speak about their faith with their friends. Let's help and pray for them to remove the mask of embarrassment and share their faith boldly. Now is the time for us to advance God’s kingdom!

We will be running a webinar for children on sharing your faith on Saturday 10th October. If you would like your children to gain some confidence in sharing their faith then sign them up today.

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