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GodVenture Faith at Home Mini Mags

As a ministry we aim to resource the church with products that will strengthen faith and change lives. We often shout about the things we make, but we know there are loads of other great products out there.

Here's a great resource to help families engage with the Bible and each other.

What is it? A bi-monthly mini-magazine + extras. Who is it for? Families with children of all ages will enjoy this.

Who is it by? GodVenture

What's in it? The faith at home mini-mag is a brilliant bi-monthly resource for families to use to engage with Scripture and with the Lord. More than a mag it has loads of creative items included from stickers to activities to crafty creations and help for children of all ages. It also has links to videos and audio files.

Why we like it at Children Can?

We've been working through a few of these now and we like it for two main reasons.

We love doing it together and it is a really easy, pick-up-and-use resource. My daughter loves it and asks 'When's the next one coming?'

Secondly it engages with the actual text of the Bible, building a love of the Scripture. It doesn't just talk about it - it gets you digging into the text, chewing on it and exploring it from different angles in such an easy accessible way.

How much is it? £4 per month

Where can I get it from?


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