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God's Generals 7 - William Seymour

God's Generals 7 - William Seymour


Leader of the Azusa Street Revival

William Seymour was used by God to lead the Azusa Street Revival. Thousands of people met with God, saw miracles and experienced his tangible presence. From there, people travelled as missionaries all over the world.


The effects of this revival are still felt in the church today. Find out what God can do through people who are willing to spend time praying, seeking and believing God for more of His kingdom here on earth.


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What readers are saying:

"This book helped me grow in the spirit a lot because it taught me about healing people in prayer like when my brother got sick I prayed for him then he felt better. I would recommend this book because it helped me with my connection with God and it even inspired me to buy all the volumes!!”​

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