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God's Generals 4 - Maria Woodworth-Etter

God's Generals 4 - Maria Woodworth-Etter


The Holy Spirit's Servant

The God's Generals for kids tells the story of men and women who lived for God. Including the highs and the low points of their lives, this series has been written for children aged 8-14.


Maria Woodworth-Etter had a really tough life. It was only when she turned to God that she found peace. As she obeyed God, she saw many people saved and healed. Maria never knew what challenges she would face next, but she did know that God would always be with her.


As you read about Maria you will see how God can use you too, as you obey him.


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What readers are saying:

“My daughter loved this book and the blank page was a brilliant idea such a great real time visual for the reader.”​

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