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God's Generals 1 - Kathryn Kuhlman

God's Generals 1 - Kathryn Kuhlman


I Believe in Miracles

The God's Generals for kids tells the story of men and women who lived for God. Including the highs and the low points of their lives, this series has been written for children aged 8-14.


This is the first book in a series that is known as God's Generals for Kids, and this one deals with Kathryn Kuhlman. This well-written biography will capture the attention of children as they learn about God's power at work in the life of this great woman of God. It will inspire them to want to let God use them in whatever way He directs, and it will help them to develop a close personal relationship with Him. Her life was not her own. In a very real way, she was a daughter of destiny. Chosen. Ordained to be His special handmaiden.


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What people are saying: Naomi ( 11 years old) - 5 stars on amazon about Gods Generals for Kids.- Kathryn Kuhlman'This book is awesome! It can be for all ages. The author is very good at writing books as well. It's amazing what God can do through you and this book will explain that. I've read this over 7 times. I recommend this book to you.'


“I loved this book. The book was written in very simple, easy to understand language.The book included modern day examples which children can relate to. The book uses Kathryn Kuhlman's life story to encourages children how to live for God. I highly recommend this book for children who want to live for God. Parents you should buy this book so that we can raise a Godly generation of children today and for the future.”​

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