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The push back

To my knowledge this is a first!

The overturning of Roe Vs Wade, that allows individual states to make their own abortion laws and triggered abortion being banned in many states across America is a monumental decision. As far as I am aware it is the first time anywhere in the world that abortion laws have been pushed backwards since they started to be introduced around the world.

Whilst both sides of the debate hold very strong views, for those of us who believe that every single human life matters from conception it is a victory to celebrate. People will live who would have been killed because the Supreme Court of the United States gave individual states back the right to make their own decisions and laws concerning abortion.

We celebrate life and acknowledge that every human life has an intrinsic right to life because we are made in the image of God. To move from this stance is to open up the doors to death on demand for any group that does not fit whichever norm is currently accepted. That is exactly what abortion on demand has led to – death of children with disabilities, children of the wrong sex or children who would be an inconvenience to their parents.

So with this momentous decision, we celebrate in this month where truth is being stated publicly again concerning the value of life.

Here in the UK abortion is effectively available on demand up to the age of 24 weeks gestation. The law is set up that there has to be a reason for the abortion, but its broad terms have been used to allow anyone who wants an abortion to have one.

As Science advances some of the previous arguments for abortion are falling.

While a woman should clearly has a choice over what happens to her body, this does not give her the right to destroy another person’s body. The pro choice lobby chants, my body my choice, we speak back to say the baby deserves a choice. A pro life stance is a strong stance for women, after all around 50% of babies who are aborted are female.

In terms of the age of viability, children aged 21 weeks and a few days old have survived and so if age of viability is the yard stick some would use we should be fighting to see this age reduced. Meanwhile we now know that children much younger have a heartbeat and can experience pain.

Yet in spite of this, there is a push to make abortion more readily available, seeing even more children aborted in this past year in the UK than ever before. DIY home abortions are opening situations where a woman could be coerced by family members to abort a child after only a telephone converstation and a massive 1 in 17 women go to hospital following home abortion. No other drug would be permitted to be administered at home with such a high risk.

Right now a bill to make DIY abortions at home permanent (as opposed to the temporary Coronavirus measure that they were slipped in as) are going through parliament. Find out more on SPUCs site here.

So at this time we should take courage: The faithful prayers of the America saints in this fight for life should encourage us to not give up but to continue to speak up for those who have no voice of their own. Let’s pray that God will have mercy on our nation at this time.


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