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The Origami Cross

The origami cross is a great way to share the Gospel with children and young people. All you need is a piece of paper. In this blog we’ll walk through the stages with pictures.

In each stage we only make one fold.

1. Start with a blank sheet of paper. Everyone is searching for meaning in life – everyone is looking for God. (Depending on the audience you may say: Everyone wants to make peace with God).

2. Some people climb to the top of a mountain looking for inner peace, but they don’t find it there.

3. Some people go to a church. But just because you go to a church it does not mean that you are a Christian, just as if you go to a burger store it doesn’t mean that you are a hamburger.

4. Some people get on a plane and fly all over the world trying to find God.

5. You could even get on a rocket and fly into space, but you still wouldn’t find the peace you are looking for.

6. Tear the paper exactly in half down the middle. None of these ways work.

7. The only way to meet with God and find true peace is through Jesus’ death on the cross. When Jesus died on the cross he took all of our sins on himself so we could get close to God. There were soldiers at the foot of the cross who threw lots of Jesus’ clothing.

8. Most of the soldiers turned away from Jesus and rejected him – laughing at him. But one soldier turned towards him and said, ‘surely this man was the son of God.’

9. He discovered that Jesus died on the cross to take away our sins so that we could all have life. In fact Jesus said he came to give us life and life in all its fullness. What will you choose?


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