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Ministry health check - 50 questions for children's and youth ministries

Children’s/Youth Ministry Checklist Prayer Support 1. Do people pray regularly for the children’s ministry? 2. Do you pray regularly for the children in your groups, the leaders of the children’s ministry and the church? Spiritual development 3. Do the children connect with God in worship? 4. Do the children have daily ‘quiet times’ at home? 5. Do the children see answers to their prayers? 6. Are the children growing in their knowledge, application and love of the Bible? 7. Do the children know how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit? 8. Do the children listen and obey the Holy Spirit during the week? 9. Are the children growing as friends with each other? 10. Does every child have a mentor within the church who works with the family? 11. Do the children know the basic message of the Gospel? Practicing Faith 12. Do the children see communion taking place? 13. Do the children take communion? 14. Do the children see baptisms? 15. Can the children be baptized? 16. Do the children have an opportunity to give money in the offering? 17. Are the children taught about communion, baptism and offering? Structure and Procedures 18. Do you have a clear vision for the children? 19. Is it known by everyone connected with the children’s ministry? 20. Does it include a vision for them both as children and as adults? 21. Do you have all relevant procedures and policies in place (child protection, etc.)? 22. Are there any areas where you do not follow your policies? 23. Are there any aspects of the way you structure the children’s ministry that you would like to see changed (and how would that help the ministry)? 24. Are there any activities that you would like to start (or stop) and how would this help their discipleship? 25. Do you feel supported, trained and adequately resourced (financially and with space) by the main church leadership? 26. How do you recruit new leaders – is it effective? 27. Do the leaders see the children enough to build relationships that enable discipleship? Outreach/Evangelism 28. Do the children tell their friends at school about Jesus 29. Are the children discipling any of their friends at school? 30. Do you encourage children to think about the social needs around them and help them to do something about it? 31. Do you encourage children to think about world missions? 32. Do you run activities that reach out to the community? 33. Are you engaged in the local schools? 34. Are children coming to know the Lord through these activities? Ministry to under 5s 35. What provision do you make for the spiritual development of the youngest members of the congregation (starting from the womb)? 36. Is it seen as a babysitting service or as a ministry by leaders/parents/the wider church? 37. How regularly do the toys and room get a ‘deep clean’? Family 38. How do you empower and equip parents as the primary disciplers of the children? 39. How do you connect with parents to discuss the children’s ministry and their child’s spiritual development? Whole Church 40. What does the average visitor know about the children’s ministry? 41. Does the wider church know the vision for the children’s ministry and do they know what you do on a Sunday? 42. Are children seen as a part of the wider church 43. Are testimonies from the children’s ministries shared with the adult congregation? 44. Are testimonies from the adult ministries shared with the children? 45. How often do children get to meet with God together with older members of the congregation? Transition 46. Do you have a process to transition children from one age group to another smoothly, especially from the children’s ministry to the youth ministry? 47. What is your dropout rate? 48. What age (if any) are children most likely to stop coming to church? General 49. What three things are the greatest strengths of your children’s ministry? 50. If you could change one thing about the ministry what would it be?


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