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It's finally happening!

It was over a decade ago that I wrote the Josiah Generation, speaking of the generation God was preparing who would be prepared to confront the forces of evil around and make a radical stand for God in all they did.

Today this generation is now in their teens and twenties and they are starting to fulfil their mission. The Josiah Generation is rising.

In a time of great apostasy the prophet Elijah wondered if he were the only one left to serve the Lord. But God declared he had preserved 7000 prophets who had never bowed the knee to Baal.

It seems like we are in similar days where society has turned its back on God wholesale. Yet these very conditions of apostasy and blasphemy are the very things that are fostering a stronger generation to rise up who refuse to compromise or bow to the gods of our age. Not in spite of, but because of the challenges they have faced, those who have been able to stand, are refined to stand strong and influence culture.

Since covid many of us have noticed something different about the upcoming generation. While the challenges they have faced have been well documented and the impact on faith has been thoroughly researched, there is also a resurgence of hunger for the Holy Spirit and a willingness to stand up for the Lord.

God is pouring his grace out on this next generation in a way that I have not seen in my lifetime. As such we need to be ready for what the Lord is doing. The way we ministered to the youth and children in times past was good, but now we must make space to minister with them not just to them.

“As we make God the focus of our programmes for this generation, we are preparing them for the supernatural things that He has planned for them. This preparation is vital if this generation is to be used by God in ways that, until now, we have only dreamed of.”

This is the challenge and joy of our season.

As I said in the Josiah Generation, “The Josiah generation will have no regards for previous protocols, but will live according to God’s plan … This is the example that King Josiah set … His actions were radical, as is the call on this generation.”

God is moving now as young people stand against the works of darkness in their schools and colleges whilst also standing for the kingdom of God.

When a Christmas tree and decorations arrived in the 6th forum hub towards the end of November, one believer encouraged everyone to be involved in decorating it. When a self identified, transgender pagan walked in and declared that they were offended by the Christmas tree and it was against their religion everyone backed away. Everyone except for the young believer. Others tried to persuade him to stop, as the paganist would be upset if he didn’t. He turned and explained, ‘I had to put up with Halloween decorations that offend me, so you will just have to get over it.’ He then turned back to the Christmas tree and continued decorating it.

Intimidation will not work against this generation. They have seen its manipulative work and refuse to dance to the tune of this world. As we said in the Josiah Generation,

“You can imagine King Josiah’s advisors being a bit nervous about the changes he was bringing. After all, there would have been many devoted followers of the various religions and Josiah was doing his level best to offend all of them. He was not restrained by political correctness. Rather he was constrained by his passion for God. Those around him may have felt unsettled, but Josiah was a king who knew how to carry his authority. He was a force to be reckoned with.”

I am hearing stories of young people standing up for righteousness, preaching the Gospel, breaking the moulds of tradition and praying for God’s presence to move. Their radical presence as worship leaders, influencers and preachers is not being contained within the church. Their ministry is found on social media, in schools, colleges and universities throughout this land. Just as we declared it would be.

“The work of the Josiah generation is not confined within the walls of a church building, God is calling them to be the church wherever they go.”

Seeing all that God is doing it is time to dust off this book and pray it into being again over this generation. If you've not read it yet, click here to get your copy.


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