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Introduction to the Parental Sin series

Okay, so we’re going to be talking about various sins that highlighted in the Bible – the sins of parents. Now before you stop reading and run to lock yourself in the toilet (come on parents, who has not done that at least once when you needed some space from your children) bear with me for a bit.

Every parent I know feels like they are not doing a good enough job at some point. We walk under the weight of failure. The aim of this series is not to add to this burden of guilt, but rather to bring clarity as to what the Lord expects from us as parents.

Raising children in today’s world is confusion and at times perplexing. Boundaries and best practice seem to change each month and there is a great drive to comply with the world’s expectations. The added pressure of ‘if you don’t do this you will damage your child’s future, if you do this you will harm them.’ It’s enough to stir the most well-meaning of parents into inaction.

Sometimes it is unspoken, but the standards and judgements of the world are a moving goal post. But God’s standards of parenting have not changed over the years and the challenges to parents are essentially the same though the contexts are vastly different.

As we drill into 7 different sins from parents in the Bible, I hope that these will serve as guard rails for us as we raise our children not to make us feel weighed down, but rather to free us to do what is right without caring what others think about our decisions because we are seeking to follow God’s leading in the way we raise our children.

This does not usually require more time (a cause for celebration among all of us as parents). It does require clarity and intentionality. If you are in any doubt about what you should be doing as a parent and what is the best way to raise happy, hope filled, confident young people then I hope this series will bring the clarity that is needed.

God has blessed us with our children to raise them for such a time as this. This is our privilege and joy. Let’s take this responsibility in both hands as we travel along the road of parenting, being careful to avoid the ditches either side of the road that have ensnared parents from all times in history.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at: 1. The sin of Eli 2. The sin of Samuel 3. The sin of Abraham 4. The sin of Hezekiah 5. The sin of Jacob 6. The 2nd sin of Jacob 7. The sin of David

I look forward to you joining me on this journey.


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