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Giving birth to something new

As the church of Jesus Christ we have proved ourselves very adaptable at creating ministries to respond to the needs around us. Down through the ages the Church has been at the forefront of social need, starting schools, hospitals, social financing programmes. The church seeks out the homeless, the addicts and the lonely. The church runs events to connect together the elderly, singles, parents, families, youth, children and mother’s & toddlers.

Christians are at the forefront of soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food banks. It works through its members in fostering, adoption, reconciliation programmes and so much more. From baby dedications to confirmations and from marriages to funerals the church is available at every stage of life and in every significant life event.

The church speaks up for the unborn, for the family and for justice all over the world.

We also preach the Gospel. We see the guilty find forgiveness, the disturbed find peace, the bound find freedom and the brokenhearted find healing through Christ.

This is what we do. We roll up our sleaves and get our hands dirty in the lives of real people. We refuse to be passive observers, criticising others. Instead we want to alleviate, support and encourage wherever we can. We are the first to admit that we are not perfect, but we are not passive or indifferent to society.

Most notable the church recognises the importance of strong families to create a strong society and to raise wholesome children. This is why we have traditionally been involved in many projects to help children, both in their education and in their spiritual walk with God.

And so we come to an area of ministry that we are seeking to encourage the church to grow in. It is well evidenced that parents have a huge impact on their children’s well-being and value system. Perhaps more than we wish to admit at times. In church setting many parents are too busy parenting (and doing the a million things that need to be done just to live a modern life with children, a job and a home) that they don’t have time even to attend a course to reflect on their parenting.

So we discovered the best time to support parents if we want to help them build a strong foundation and not just support those facing the storms of life. It’s at that stage before children are born when parents are in the dreaming stage of parenting: My children will never throw a tantrum in the supermarket/wake up at night/snatch a toy off another child. The reality may be different, but the dream still becomes the direction in which the children are facing.

If we want to build strong families, then this is the right time to encourage them to dream about their children’s spiritual destinies too.

Enter the womb ministry – Expectant. Many churches will support future parents with baby showers and a meal train once the baby is born. We want to see parents supported in prayer and equipped with the spiritual and practical tools they will need to raise their family. This dream phase is the right time for God to be put at the centre. For nine months of pregnancy the thoughts of the expectant parents are almost exclusively on the change in their life that is coming (especially for their first child). Preparing babies cot, eating right and trying to sleep well. Other duties, such as work, are performed but are often not the focus.

What would it look like if we supported parents to see the high calling that God is giving to them at this time. This ministry is a key part of the church standing out in the world and of enabling parents to fulfil their God given mandate to raise their children to fear the Lord. It may be outside of the box of the ministries that people normally think about, but Scripture is riddled with examples of womb ministry in action.

You can find out more about this in our book, Jesus Your baby and you. We are also holding a special forum for those who already have a heart for this ministry on Tuesday 25th October 2022. If that’s you, please join us there.


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