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Lifting the Lid sessions 1-9

Lifting the Lid sessions 1-9


Purchase all 9 parts of the lifting the lid series:


1. Child spirituality

2. Key Moments

3. Families

4. The big story

5. Active Participation & Compassion

6. Mentoring

7. Intergenerational Ministry

8. Peer Influence

9. Milestones


This pdf and youtube resource captures the contents of a thinktank and forum run by Children Matter on important milestones of faith development and how we can help children's faith to grow as they grow. 

These 9 sessions in this series will help to develop a faithfull generation. 

First published by Children Matter on behalf of Faithful Generation in 2023. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the prior permission of the publisher

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