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Lifting the Lid 3 - Families

Lifting the Lid 3 - Families



This pdf and youtube resource captures the contents of a thinktank and forum run by Children Matter on how we can support and encourage families as they raise their children to follow the Lord. 


It is part of a series of 9 sessions in the Lifting the Lid series to create a faithfull generation.  

Each session is £5 or buy the whole series for £30. (The first 6 sessions will be sent immediately, the remaining sessions will be sent when they are released after the forums have been held in the coming months). 


With Forum Contributions from: (in alphabetical order)


  • Mark Arnold (Additional Needs Alliance, Urban Saints)
  • Victoria Beech (God Venture)
  • Gareth Crispin (Cliff College)
  • Ed Drew (Faith in Kids)
  • Andy Frost (Share Jesus, Care for the Family)
  • Kay Morgan-Gurr (Additional Needs Alliance, Children Worldwide)
  • Rachel Turner (Parenting for Faith)


  • First published by Children Matter on behalf of Faithful Generation October 2022. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the prior permission of the publisher