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Gospel tract for children

Gospel tract for children



This special gospel tract has been created to help children share their faith with their friends.


How to use the tract:

It has been designed so that children can work through it in a number of ways:

1. They can follow the A, B, C of salvation: Accept you are a sinner, Believe Jesus died for you and Choose to follow him.

2. Follow the numbers: These 6 single phrases in the strip of each picture give a summary of the whole Gospel.

3. Look at the pictures. The set of 6 pictures sum up the whole Gospel, with the crown representing God, the globe representing the world and the person representing us.

4. Read all the words. The full text explains the Gospel in a simple way for children to understand.

5. For those familiar with the 'wordless book' you can follow the colour scheme:

GREEN - God made the world, beautiful.

BLACK - Sin came into the world and destroyed it.

RED - Jesus blood paid the price for our sin.

WHITE (blue) - Jesus cleans us from our sin to give us a new start (and gives us his Holy Spirit).

YELLOW - We can choose life forever with God. Yellow represents the streets of heaven that are paved with gold.


How to get free copies:

Select free in the price options. Postage and packing will also be free (UK only). 

If you select a price it will include our standard postage rates:

£1.50 for orders up to £3.

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