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Reviving the next generation. Reconnecting all generations.

The Bible Experience

Taking children from Genesis to Revelation in one weekend.


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About Us

Children Can was founded in 2010 by Olly & Helen Goldenberg. After over 25 years of working with children, including 15 years as the Children's Pastors of one of the largest Children's Ministries in Europe, God called them to help churches and families around the world to disciple the next generation.

We have seen children respond to God from the womb and God is working through even very young children to bring His kingdom to earth: Worshipping God for an hour at a time, spending hours in prayer to Him, transformed to live for God in their schools, leading their friends to Jesus, ministering healing and preaching the Gospel to 90 of their school friends at one time.


God is working in the lives of children from the womb into adulthood.

Olly and Helen Goldenbrg


Colin Dye, Senior Pastor Kensington Temple

Olly and Helen are the best children’s leaders I know of in this country. Under their 15 years of leadership, the children’s ministry of Kensington Temple flourished both numerically, but more significantly in the quality of child disciples produced. Many of these children preach the gospel, see miracles, flow with the Holy Spirit and plant cells in their schools.

I highly recommend their ministry to you. They open new horizons to the possibilities of God in the lives of children. They will help you design a strategic teaching and training environment to see the children in your church and ministries taking the kingdom of God to their homes and schools. They will challenge you to see children as disciples of Jesus. They will equip you to develop a strong Children’s ministry and release the next generations of leaders. And I’m confident both you and the kids will have a great time while doing it!

Our creche ministry has been totally transformed after just one week of training. The team can't wait to finish the course.

Changed Lives

The best training I have attended in

20 years of ministry.

Our family life has been so enriched since the parenting seminar.

Your passion for children and for Jesus is so infectious. God used you to help breathe fresh life into our church.

I realised my children's group reflects my life: When I spend time worshiping God in my private time, you will see the effect of the children's worship in the group.

I feel happier

(testimony of a child from a broken home).

It was great to see every generation of church connection with God this morning as you taught.

As a result of the teaching  my team received , we have been able to train and disciple our children more effectively. Now our children are growing spiritually, they know who they are in Christ, they have a deeper desire for God and are evangelising to their friends.

Parent, Elim Bible Week

My son absolutely LOVED this week. I have rarely seen him so enthusiastic and animated. I know that this is a real landmark in his spiritual journey as he told me that he has experienced Jesus in a new way. He has received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and is speaking in tongues for the first time. I have noticed a growing hunger in our son over the week - he can't wait to get to the kids sessions and wants to queue up 1/2 an hour beforehand so he can be first in line!

It brings tears to my eyes when I see what the Lord has done this week in the life of our little boy. Since we have arrived home what God is doing has continued... I suffer from frequent migraines. This morning I had a migraine coming so I asked my Son to pray for me. He prayed over me in tongues and declared, 'You'll be fine, now Mummy, Jesus has healed you!' And the migraine disappeared without medication, which is unheard of! 

This book has totally changed my life.

(From a child after reading God's generals for Kids Volume 1.).

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