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After over 25 years of working with children, including 15 years, where we had the honour of being Childrens Pastors of one of the largest Childrens Ministries in Europe at Kensington Temple, London, with over 800 children being ministered to each week. We have seen many children used powerfully by God and excited to serve Him on a daily basis.


We have seen children in revival worshipping God for an hour at a time, spending hours in prayer to Him. But it has not stopped there. They have gone on to lead changed lives in their school, leading their friends to Jesus, praying for the sick and seeing them healed and even preaching the Gospel to around 100 of their school mates at a time.


If you would like to see your children enjoying God's presence and being used by Him and see the generations worshipping together then we would love to help you. Children can be children and enjoy God's presence at the same time. They love learning from the Bible if it is lived out in their lives. In short children love to be discipled.


We have helped hundreds of churches in different nations, from every generation reach their full potential in Christ and take their place in the body of Christ alongside each other.


Let God revive your children and youth ministry! Get in touch today.


Olly & Helen Goldenberg


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