Our Vision

We Believe

Our vision is to help revive children and young people's ministries in the nations, seeing the next generation of disciples rise up by:

1. Teaching churches the role of children in the body of Christ

2. Modelling children's & youth ministry to leaders

3. Equipping parents and leaders to make disciples.


For Children can do all things through Christ who strengthens them.

(Philippians 4:13)


In the womb children can experience God’s presence.

In the crèche children can freely worship God (not just sing songs).

In the church children can get a rhema word from God.

In the week children can live out the word they have received.

In the word children can have revelation of who God is.

In their homes children can intercede to bring change.

In the schools children can make a stand and see their friends saved.

In their own time children can disciple their friends.

In the car children can hear a prophetic word.

In the shops children can work miracles with God.

In the community children can come from unsaved homes and be discipled.

In their room children can hold a bible study.

In their life children can show what true discipleship means to their friends, equipping them to be the best they can be for Jesus!