Recommendation from Colin Dye

Senior Minister

Kensington Temple, London



Olly and Helen are the best children’s leaders I know of in this country, and have been a real blessing to have as part of the team. Under their 15 years of leadership, the children’s ministry of Kensington Temple flourished both numerically, but more significantly in the quality of child disciples produced. Many of these children preach the gospel, see miracles, flow with the Holy Spirit and plant cells in their schools. It has been amazing to see literally thousands of children meeting with God and being released into ministry.


I highly recommend their ministry to you. They open new horizons to the possibilities of God in the lives of children. They will help you design a strategic teaching and training environment to see the children in your church and ministries taking the kingdom of God to their homes and schools. They will challenge you to see children as disciples of Jesus. They will equip you to develop a strong Children’s ministry and release the next generations of leaders. And I’m confident both you and the kids will have a great time while doing it!


 Recommendation from Cathie Clancy

Overflow Kids Founder




Olly and Helen have such a wonderful gift with children and leaders. We have worked alongside them and seen the fruit of their ministry. They carry the heart of the Father and the power of God. They release His presence to set children free as well as grow them in their faith. We love them and their beautiful family.

Olly and Helen will bless your church, conference and services. We acknowledge their passion and dedication to reach children with the good news of Jesus Christ through His word. 

Recommendation from David Campbell

Regional Leader Elim Metropolitan Regions

And Host of RIVERcamp



We were delighted with the ministry of Olly and Helen at RIVERcamp where they
ministered with great effect to a large number of young people. Their
enthusiasm and obvious passion for the King and His Kingdom are infectious. The
children responded well to them with many committing their lives to Christ,
many more being filled with the Holy Spirit, and all sensing the delight of the
Father’s love.


A seldom acknowledged fact is that many of our most successful and well known
Christian leaders became Christians as children and were shaped by the ministry
they received whilst growing up. It is my firm conviction that many of the
young people ministered to by Olly and Helen at RIVERcamp will be leaders in
the future.


I was impressed by their depth of preparation, their thoroughness of
implementation and the great sense of the presence of God in their meetings.
There was also a great sense of fun and enjoyment, the young people were keen
to be there and we received lots of good comments from happy parents.


Testimony from Kate Middleton

 (Childrens ministry leader)

Hitchin Christian Centre

Hitchin, Hertfordshire


Thought you’d like to know I spoke to a parent on Sunday who is also on our team.  After being inspired by your session she spent some extra time with her 10 year old son praying and chatting, and as a result at the end of last week he told her he wanted to make a commitment to God.  She is so excited and really inspired.  She also ran the group on Sunday and made a decision to spend less time playing and more time on ‘serious’ things – praying etc, and said the kids responded fantastically.  She was blown away by some of their prayers and some who felt they had heard from God and went off to share that with their parents.  So loads of thanks – it really connected with the team and we are already seeing an impact!!

Testimony from Parent

 (Elim Bible Week)

Telford International Centre



My son absolutely LOVED this week. I have rarely seen him so enthusiastic and animated. I know that this is a real landmark in his spiritual journey as he told me that he has experienced Jesus in a new way. He has received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and is speaking in tongues for the first time. His group leaders have found a special place in his heart and he really connected with them. They esteemed him and I have noticed a growing hunger in our son over the week - he just can't wait to get to the kids sessions and wants to queue up 1/2 an hour beforehand so he can be first in line!

Thank you - a million thank you's for all your hard work - it brings tears to my eyes when I see what the Lord has done this week in the life of our little boy. Since we have arrived home what God is doing has continued... I suffer from frequent migraines. This morning I had a migraine coming so I asked my Son to pray for me. He prayed over me in tongues and declared, 'You'll be fine, now Mummy, Jesus has healed you!' And the migraine disappeared without medication, which is unheard of! God bless you all richly.

Testimony from Sarah Baker

 (Children's and Families' Minister)

Christchurch Chislehurst

Chislehurst, Kent 


Thank you so very much for all that you have done for Christchurch over the past months. You have blessed us through your training days and Encounter day with the children. The helpers and children alike have been touched and blessed by your amazing ministry.None so more than I. You have inspired me in so many ways and I really believe that the Children's Encounter will be the catalyst that will see the children make a powerful difference at Christchurch. You have inspired the children and the staff and for that I thank you!

Testimony from Hilary Carnihan

 (Children's ministry leader)

Word of Life Church

Lewisham, London


They are great! Spirit filled and on fire for God and children.

I have worked closely with both Olly and Helen over the last few years and they have encouraged and inspired me to take my ministry onto a different level. Because of their commitment to Christ and children they are always pushing the boundaries and conceptions of how children can engage with God.

After being with them at one of their encounters I realised I was expecting too little of our 3-5 year olds and I encouraged them to engage with the Holy Spirit (explained with a bag of plastic balls showering down on them). They now pray comfortably for each other and explain how the Holy Spirit has made them feel.

Olly and Helen are great leaders of children but more importantly great leaders of teachers and will inspire you to re-think your ministry and take your children to a higher level. And did I mention how much fun it will be??? 

Testimony from Marianne Slettedal

(Children's ministry leader)

Kensington Temple

Notting Hill Gate, London


When I started as a children's leader I felt I had a lot of unanswered questions on how to lead a children's group effectively. I found that especially worship and prayer were a challenge for me. I then signed up for a Children's leaders' training course held by Olly and Helen, where 'How to lead children in prayer and worship' was one of the subjects.Within an hours teaching on this subject my eyes where opened and I felt ready to try out my new knowledge. The next Sunday I used the techniques that were taught to my children's group. I could see an immediate change in the ways my children were worshipping. The children engaged in the worship in a completely different way. In fact, the main part of the group became our time of worship. The children loved to worship God and we had testimonies of how God spoke back to them nearly every Sunday. Now these kids have grown up and become teenagers, but are still worshiping God.


The second thing that I realised on this training course was that my children's group reflects my life. When I spend time worshiping God in my private time, you will see the effect of the children's worship in the group.


Olly and Helen has been my role models and trainers, and I would never have been where I am today in my work in children's ministry if it had not been for their amazing leadership and training.

Testimony from Irene Chew

(Childrens ministry leader)

Kensington Temple

Notting Hill Gate, London


Olly and Helen are truely faithful servants of our Lord, whom Daddy God has made so uniquely for His precious little ones. In 2008 I had the honour to have met them, taught by them, inspired by them,worked for them and serve Daddy God under their leadership. My time being one of their children leaders has been an exciting new spiritrual chapter of my life. I had to unlearn and relearn. Most of the lessons I learnt came from the children disciples who were under Olly and Helen's ministry. The word of God came alive daily for me through what I witness in each child who was involved in the discipleship programme. Prior to my time in London, I have been serving God in childrens ministry for 7 years in Malaysia. I then thought I knew it all, taught it all and seen it all, but God always humbles the proud. Truely in my last 2 years I have witnessed life transforming move of God in childrens life that puts adults around them to shame under the leadership of Children Pastors Olly and Helen Goldenberg. 

Testimony from Sharon Shamedje

(Childrens Pastor)

Agape Church

Hackney London


'As a result of the training and teaching my team and I received under Olly and Helen Goldenberg, we have been able to train and disciple our children more effectively. The outcome being that our children are growing spiritually, they know who they are in Christ, they have a deeper desire for God and are evangelising to their friends.'

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